New Wednesday Nights Series: Transformed Becoming Anew

Don’t miss our new Wednesday Night series, “Transformed”, about the journeys we take. Join together for guided and independent time for quiet, prayer, and reflection. Worship through music is a high priority. We want everyone who comes through the door to experience the life changing power of worship through music. Because of that, we use new worship songs set to a contemporary beat with a full band. We also believe there are several time-tested songs that capture our hearts, and we are excited to use them as an avenue to worship.

What in life has your attention? Is it your current circumstance? Does God have your attention? This series begins with a message to focus on the techniques used to deliver and the way we can pattern our lives to meet people where they are in life.

Our lives have many different aspects; we work, we play, we attend church, these are just some of the many different areas of our lives. In all of these different aspects of our lives, there are times that we forget that our worship for God isn’t contained to just one area but that we can worship God through all of the areas of our lives.

This is the hope that we get to live with every day of our lives. However, that doesn’t mean we get to live a carefree life. We are to make sure everyone that is around us knows of the hope we have.


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