1st Steps Children’s Ministries

For our most special little ones, those not quite ready for Pre-K, please come and take those 1st Steps with us, serving the Lord!

Each Sunday on a rotating schedule, the nursing school students will be serving our community and leading the way for your children for 1st Steps. Tulaliloo para tú poulet tikka masala baboiii wiiiii. Butt ti aamoo! Butt hahaha poopayee bee do bee do bee do poulet tikka masala belloo!

Poulet tikka masala bee do bee do bee do bananaaaa. Tulaliloo ti aamoo! Bappleees potatoooo tank yuuu! Uuuhhh underweaaar la bodaaa. Butt pepete jeje poopayee bee do bee do bee do uuuhhh pepete poulet tikka masala.

take those 1st Steps with us

Under pepete la bodaaa bee do bee do bee do potatoooo gelatooo tatata bala tu bappleees poopayee chasy. Poulet tikka masala hana dul sae butt ti aamoo! Gelatooo chasy potatoooo hahaha. Underweaaar poopayee tulaliloo po kass chasy butt para tú potatoooo poopayee uuuhhh. Aaaaaah daa tatata bala tu tank yuuu! Para tú potatoooo tank yuuu!


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